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  • Mini & MidiMACS Starting Kits - Miltenyi Biotec

    A Mini & MidiMACS Starting Kit provides indispensable equipment for MACS ® Cell Separations. The Mini & MidiMACS Starting Kit includes a MiniMACS Separator, a MidiMACS Separator, a MultiStand to attach the separators, MACS Columns, and a cell .

  • About Alnico Magnet Material - Dexter Magnetic Technologies - Permanent Magnets, Rare Earth Magnet Materials, Electromagnets, Sensor Magnets .

    About Alnico Magnet Material Alnico was developed in the early 1930's. During World War II it was used in military electronic applications. After the war it quickly spread into civilian versions of those applications and replaced magnet steel in many applications. High .

  • IPES International Inc: Magnetic Separators & Magnetic Sweepers

    Welcome to IPES International Inc.We specialize in industrial magnets used for a wide variety of manufacturing needs. Our magnetic division has designed some of the industrys leading magnetic separators. We provide the best in magnetic separation equipment.

  • Excel Magnetics - Lifting Magnets,Magnetic Hump,Magnetic Chuck,Permanent Lifting Magnets,India

    Set up in the year 2005, Excel Magnetics an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of Magnetic Separators and Equipment. Our gamut of products includes, Online Magnetic Filters, Inline Separators, Roll Magnetic Separators .

  • Magnetic Separator - Magnetic Separators Manufacturer from Ahmedabad.

    Manufacturer of Magnetic Separator - Magnetic Separators, Inline Separators, Overband Magnetic Separator and Iron Separator offered by Excel Magnetics, Ahmedabad, GujaratWe are a well-known manufacturer and supplier of quality assured Overband .

  • Alnico Magnet Choices - Master Magnetics, Inc.

    Applications of Alnico Magnets Magnetos Separators Sensors Electron tubes Traveling wave tubes Radar Holding magnets Coin acceptors Clutches and bearings Motors Distributors Relays Controls Generators Receivers Telephones Microphones Bell .

  • RGF Indoor Air Quality Wastewater Treatment Food Safety

    Our commitment to producing high quality oil water separators spans over 40 years. RGF ® and AFL Industries®, a division of RGF®, design and manufacture reliable corrosion resistant oil water separators and related accessories. Our corrosion resistant .

  • Licensed Neodymium Iron Boron Rare Earth Magnets and Material Grades from Dexter Magnetic Technologies

    Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets and magnet material grades of licensed rare earth magnets from Dexter Magnetic Technologies offer design flexibility in devices. N50 material . *Due to magnetostriction, all magnetic materials expand/contract at different .

  • Eddy Current (Class 2) - Dexter Magnetic Technologies - Permanent Magnets, Rare Earth Magnet Materials, Electromagnets, Sensor Magnets, Magnetic .

    As a hybrid of the Class 1 and Class 2 technologies, this coupling is typically used in an asynchronous fashion as a force limiter, but can be utilized in a synchronous state. An array of alternating pole permanent magnets (N-S-N-S) is placed on either the driver or .

  • Electropaedia History of Science and Technology, Development of Science, Technology and Inventions

    The Inspiration - There's more to batteries than you might think Background We think of a battery today as a source of portable power, but it is no exaggeration to say that the battery is one of the most important inventions in the history of mankind. Volta's pile was .

  • Optimized Magnetic Solutions for Oil and Gas

    Dexter invests in permanent magnet solutions for oil and gas and other energy fields. From magnet resonance imaging (NMRI) to reliable downhole drilling, rare earth magnet solutions from Dexter provide confidence to today's leading industry players.


     WELCOME TO THE HOMEPAGE OF ALLMAG INDUSTRIES Specialist Magnet Supplier ALLMAG industries specialize in the supply and manufacturing of a wide range of Industrial MagnetsWELCOME TO THE HOMEPAGE OF ALLMAG INDUSTRIES

  • Neodymium Magnets Supplier in USA - AZ Industries

    We are a top supplier - manufacturer of Neodymium Magnets in USA. Custom orders. Wholesale pricing. Large & small orders. Call us Neo Magnets 1-877-856-3042 . Neodymium is a rare earth type of permanent magnet made from an alloy of neodymium, iron .

  • CD34 antibodies, human - Miltenyi Biotec

    The monoclonal antibody clone AC136 detects a class III epitope of the CD34 antigen. This epitope is different than the one recognized by the clone used in the CD34 MicroBead .

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Theory and Design

    Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Theory and Design Can you explain the difference between coercive force and intrinsic coercive force? Generally, as an Nd-Fe-B material's maximum energy product goes up, Hci goes down. When and why should I .

  • Lodestone Industries - Rare Earth Magnets Australia, Magnet Supplier & Distributor, Ferrite Magnets, Neodymium Iron Boron, Industrial Commercial .

    This website will provide you with a wide range of information about magnets, magnetic materials, magnetic products and many other interesting topics to help you better understand the incredible force that we know as magnetism. Our site includes a history of .

  • Anti-Biotin antibodies - Miltenyi Biotec

    Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were labeled with CD303 (BDCA-2)-Biotin and fluorescently stained with Anti-Biotin antibodies as well as with CD304 antibodies. The Tandem Signal Enhancer has been used to increase binding specificity of .

  • Separation Magnets - Master Magnetics, Inc.

    Drop-In Magnetic Separators Drop-in magnetic separator filters, designed for fluid tanks and reservoirs, pull fine particles out of fluids and hold them until the unit can be cleaned and dropped back in. Used in tanks or other containers having low to moderate flows.

  • Manufacturers of Eddy Current Separators for magnetic separation Sale

    Welcome Star Trace Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent manufacturers and supplier of Eddy Current Separation machine, Aluminium separation, Non ferrous separators, Plastic separators used in various industrial applications. We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters a .

  • LifeSep® Magnetic Separator Stands, Magnetic Bead Separators, Cell Separation for Life Sciences

    Dexter's provides standard and custom magnetic bead separators for cell separation which provide rapid and reproducible separation for medical applicationsHow Does Magnetic Bead Separation Work? Separators are used to separate magnetic materials .

  • Drawer Magnets, Plate Magnets, Hump Magnets, Barrel Magnets from Star Trace Private Ltd, Chennai

    We are well-reputed manufacturer and supplier of brilliant quality stainless steel Industrial Magnetic Plates using refined quality raw materials to ensure both quality of Industrial Magnetic Plates and customers satisfaction. Industrial Magnetic Plates Our company .

  • IMT - Magnetic Separators & Industrial Strength Magnets . Innovative Magnetic Technologies

    Innovative Magnetic Technologies (IMT) is a leading design, manufacturer and supplier of Industrial magnetic equipment for various industries around the world. We specialize in magnetic separation equipment; Suspended Plate Magnets, Cross belt separators, (over .

  • Products from Dexter Magnetic Technologies - The Architect of Magnetic Design and Manufacturing

    The Original Architects of Magnetic Technology Permanent, soft and electro-magnets are a vital part of everyday life. They are found in or used to produce almost every modern convenience today. Dexter has been at the forefront of bringing quality magnetic products .

  • Applications and Benefits of Magnetic Filtration

    Spin-on Filter Wraps. There are several suppliers of magnetic wraps, coils or similar devices intended for use on the exterior of spin-on filter canisters (Figures 7a-c). Spin-on filters are commonly used in the automotive industry but are also utilized in a number of low .

  • Vibrating Screen Separator - Gyro Screen Machine Manufacturer from Chennai.

    Vibrating Screen Separator We offer specially designed Vibrating Screen Separator that find usage in various applications. Our range of vibrating screen separators comprises of gyratory screen, circular motion incline vibrating screen, linear motion vibratory screen .

  • Puritan Magnetics, Inc. - Magnetic Separators/Magnetic Separation Equipment/Separation and Material Handling Equipment, Magnetic Separators

    If you are in doubt selecting the proper magnet or its use, please send us a sketch and available information on the application. Your request will receive our prompt . Puritan Magnetics, Inc.'s magnetic Separation/Protection equipment is used to remove ferrous .

  • EquipNet - Industrial Equipment Auctions . Lab Equipment Auctions

    EquipNet conducts frequent online auctions. We have quality inventory from large manufacturers who are trying to dispose of their used and surplus equipmentREGISTER Be the first to know about new equipment, upcoming auctions, and other services that .

  • Magnets & Magnetic Equipment

    Magnets & Magnetic Equipment A comprehensive B2B platform providing relevant information of magnetic products. A buying guide to aid buyers to make purchasing decisions . Browse through the popular usage of magnets in treating various physical ailments.

  • Industrial Magnets, Lifting Magnets, Scrap Magnets, Separation, Workholding, Repairs Walker Magnetics

    Designs and manufactures heavy lift magnets, magnetic chucks, material handling equipment and magnetic separation products.

  • 96 and 384 Aspirating Manifolds - V&P Scientific, Inc.

    96 Well Microplate Adjustable Height Aspiration Manifolds VP 177A The VP 177A** is an adjustable height aspiration manifold. Because its legs are adjustable it can be used with any 96 well microplate and the distance the tubes are from the .

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