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  • 2010 Health Care Legislation - Downsizing the Federal Government

    President Barack Obama has signed into law the largest expansion in federal entitlement spending in half a century. At more than 2,500 pages and 500,000 words long, this year's health care legislation will fundamentally change the nation's health care industry.1 It .

  • Federal Budget in Pictures - Federal Budget in Pictures

    In 2016 the national debt exceeded $19 trillion. Now, more than ever its critical that we understand the nations spending, taxes and debt. These powerful charts enable all Americans to better understand the federal budget and identify important areas of reform.

  • Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy . Naomi Wolf . Opinion . The Guardian

    New documents prove what was once dismissed as paranoid fantasy: totally integrated corporate-state repression of dissent

  • Federal Prison Industries - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Federal Prison Industries, also known as UNICOR and FPI, is a wholly owned United States government corporation created in 1934 that uses penal labor from the Federal Bureau of Prisons to produce goods and services. FPI is restricted to selling its products and .

  • Federal Court Bans Cross from Los Angeles Seal - Breitbart

    A federal court ruled Thursday that the L.A. County Board of Supervisors violated the Constitution by adding a cross to the Los Angeles sealA federal court ruled Thursday that the Los Angeles County supervisors violated the Constitution in 2014 when they .

  • Federal Government told Australias future submarines, warships should be nuclear-powered . Adelaide Now

    SOUTH Australia should become a centre for nuclear-powered submarines and warship exports, the next Federal Government will be told. The government-funded advisers at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute have written a brief for whoever holds power after the July 2 election. ASPI executive

  • Crushing Experience . Colwell Construction Company

    Colwell Construction Company, Inc. (CCC) has been associated with the quarry and rock crushing industry since 1962. In the early years material (gravel) was excavated from alluvial deposits adjoining streams and rivers and processed with a small jaw crusher (18 .


    Educational Alternative News Source . *Rise in Transgenderism possibly tied to 'wonder drug' pushed onto pregnant women *I'm finding mislabeled hemp extracts all over the place: Wrong CBD numbers, bad science, counterfeits and more

  • United States v. Stevens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The notion that Congress can suddenly strip a broad swath of never-before-regulated speech of First Amendment protection and send its creators to federal prison, based on nothing more than an ad hoc balancing of the 'expressive value' of the speech against its .

  • Total Medicaid Spending . The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

    The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation Headquarters: 2400 Sand Hill Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025 . Phone 650-854-9400 Washington Offices and Barbara Jordan Conference Center: 1330 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 . Phone 202-347-5270 .

  • Health Care Reform - The New York Times

    California Moves to Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Buy Insurance Officials say that up to 30 percent of the states two million undocumented adults could be eligible for the program, which could face serious hurdles as it seeks federal approval. By .

  • Regulation . BEEF Magazine

    The Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) rule has created much angst and confusion in cattle country. And the rule itself is just the beginning. If the rule is upheld as written, it is about more than just EPA having jurisdiction over every drop of water on your land. Read .

  • Federal, State, and Local Government, excluding state and local schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service (OES Designation) - May 2015 OES .

    May 2015 National Industry-Specific Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates NAICS 999000 - Federal, State, and Local Government, excluding state and local schools and hospitals, and the US Postal Service (OES Designation)

  • Politics of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The politics of Canada function within a framework of parliamentary democracy and a federal system of parliamentary government with strong democratic traditions. Canada is a constitutional monarchy, in which the Monarch is head of state. The country has a multi .

  • Obama's 2015 Budget: Impact of Government Expansion on Opportunity, Growth and Security

    The document outlines the Presidents agenda for a government that allegedly will bring opportunity, growth, and security through higher federal spending, cuts in the armed forces, more than $1 trillion in tax hikes, and broad government overreach into the affairs of .

  • Federal Supply Classes - Government Contracting

    The Federal Supply Class (FSC) utilizes a four-digit coding structure. The first 4 digits of the NSN number identify the classes within each groupD 8830 Dairy Animals 8910 Dairy Foods / Eggs 3730 Dairy / Poultry / Livestock Equipment 5070 Dams 1650 De .

  • Federal Deficit vs. National Debt - United States Government on About

    The federal deficit and the national debt are both bad and getting worse, but what are they and how are they different? The debate over whether the federal government should borrow money to extend unemployment benefits beyond the typical 26 weeks at a time when the number of jobless is high and

  • Federal Government takes action against dumped Chinese steel products to protect Whyalla steelmaker Arrium from unfair competition . Adelaide Now

    THE Federal Government will protect Whyalla steel company Arrium from unfair international competition by slapping import duties on cheap, Chinese-made steel products. Industry Minister Christopher Pyne will on Saturday announce that duties of between 11.7 per cent and 53 per cent will be imposed on

  • The Federal Government's $146 Billion Obamacare Boo-Boo -- The Motley Fool

    There are mistakes, and then there are big mistakes. What the Congressional Budget Office's latest report on federal subsidies revealed was a mistake of monstrous proportions on the part of the federal government. Here's what a forecasting error looks like The Congressional Budget Office, or CBO

  • Government and Big Banks Joined Forces to Violently Crush Peaceful Protests

    The definition of fascism used by Mussolini is the merger of state and corporate power. Government and the big banks are in a malignant, symbiotic relationship. And our economy now exhibits a merger of state and bank power. Prominent economist Robert Kuttner said in 2009: What we have is

  • Federal report blasts ICE for failure to deport illegal immigrant who murdered Conn. woman . Fox News

    An illegal immigrant who stabbed a Connecticut woman to death after doing time for attempted murder might not have been in the U.S. soil if the federal agency responsible for deporting him had done a better job, a government watchdog wrote in a scathing report released this week. Haitian national

  • 2016 Federal Employee Student Loan Forgiveness for Government Workers

    By: Tim Marshall Tim's experience battling crushing student loan debt led him to create the website Forget Student Loan Debt, where he offers advice on dealing with excessive student loans and advocates a cautious approach to funding education costs via .

  • Limited Government

    The Ninth & Tenth Amendments, Secession, Nullification, Co-Equal and Co-Sovereign are the Remedies for Limiting the Federal Government! The People Want Their Country Back! . The Ninth & Tenth Amendments, Secession, Nullification, Co-Equal and Co .

  • Debt to the Penny (Daily History Search Application)

    See information on the Debt Subject to the Limit. Daily History Search Application To find the total public debt outstanding on a specific day or days, simply select a single date or date range and click on the 'Find History' button. The data on total public debt .

  • Government Reform . GOP - Republican National Committee . GOP

    Making Government Work for the People Founding Father and Constitution Framer James Wilson declared that in America, the people are the masters of government, but that in other countries, the government is master of the people. We pledge to make .

  • The Supreme Court could soon deliver a crushing blow to the Sixth Amendment - The Washington Post

    Justices will decide whether the government can seize all of a defendant's assets before trial, even those not connected to criminal activityOver at Reason, Damon Root has a good summary of whats at stake in Luis v. United States, a case the Supreme Court .

  • Canadian Federal Election 2015 - News, Results and Analysis - The Globe and Mail

    Election news, analysis and results . Why this riding matters: Almost every national party leader has visited this riding, which could be one of the closest races in the province.

  • A Short History of Government Taxing and Spending in the United States . Tax Foundation

    The federal government expanded dramatically in the 20th century and has continued growing in the 21st. Between 1900 and 2012, federal government receipts increased from 3.0 percent of the economys output to 16.5 percent, and federal expenditures rose from 2 .

  • Red Tape Rising: Six Years of Escalating Regulation Under Obama

    Appendix A Methodology Rules included are those categorized as major as reported in the Government Accountability Offices (GAOs) Federal Rules Database (). Unlike the similar database maintained by the .

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