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viton fkm sheet heat resistant rubber

  • Viton Rubber Sheet Gasketing

    American Seal & Packing - EPDM gasket material,ozone resistant rubber, EPR . EPDM Gasket Material A unique characteristic of EPDM is it's resistance to Ozone. It's why the auto industry has been sealing your windows with EPDM seals for years.

  • Safety Gates . Health & Safety . PAR Group

    The safety gate has been developed as a fall protection for ladder way openings and platforms. Safety gates are designed to prevent people from walking directly through the opening. They are also commonly used for walkway openings at ground level.

  • Silicone Rubber Sheet, Viton & Nitrile Rubber Sheet and More

    Common Rubber Types and Typical Properties Compound Also knows as Key Characteristics Avg. Temp Range (F) Aflas Tetrafluoroethylene / Propylene Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.-15 - 450 Butyl Isobutylene-isoprene, BU, IIR General purpose, Vaccum

  • O-rings Viton, Nitrile, EP, Silicone, FEP Encapsulated

    O-rings supplier stocking over 80 million O-ings in 10,000 sizes. O-Rings in all standard material types / varying Shore Hardnesses. Next Day delivery*O-Rings Viton O-rings (FKM O-rings) Viton FKM 75 O-Rings Viton BS O-rings FKM 75 Viton FKM 75 British .

  • FKM Rubber Sheet Gasketing - Mechanical Seals

    FKM Rubber Sheet Gasketing, generic Viton . FKM Rubber Sheet-This elastomer was designed in the late 1950's for the space program and today is widely used as a general purpose FKM offering excellent fluid resistance to automotive fuels .

  • Silicone Sheet.Rubber Sheet.Silicone Vacuum Bag.Sponge Foam Rubber Sheet- China Manufacturer & Supplier

    specialist of Sponge foam rubber sheet,Silicone Vacuum Bag,silicone sheet,rubber sheet,Styrene-butadiene Rubber Sheets,Neoprene Rubber Sheets,EPDM Rubber Sheets,Silicone Rubber Sheets,Fluorine Rubber Sheets,Butyl Rubber Sheets,Hypalon Rubber .

  • Rubber Gasket Material

    Quality gasket materials: Vition, EPDM, Neoprene, Siilicone, Buna, Aflas, Natural rubber,grafoil, flexible graphite, Teflon, PTFE . Rubber Gasket Material Rubber Gasketing There are many different types of rubber sheet gasket material. Nitrile (Buna-N) Trade Names:

  • Nitrile (Buna-N) Rubber Polymer - Leading U.S. Manufacturer of Quality Rubber Products including Rubber Sheet, Rubber Mats & Matting, Molded .

    Get information about Nitrile Polymer including Physical, Mechanical, and Thermal properties as well as Environmental and Chemical resistancesThe properties and characteristics of manufactured rubber products may vary based on polymer type and .

  • Custom Gaskets - Rubber Gaskets - All Seals Inc.

    Viton® Gasket (Viton® Seal)Fluorocarbon (FKM) Fluorocarbon elastomer Viton® (a trade name of the DuPont Corporation) is a high performance rubber compound known for its outstanding resistance to high temperature and broad range of chemicals. Viton .

  • Viton - Rainbow Rubber Extrusions, Inc.

    Viton ® fluoroelastomer A Product of DuPont Dow Elastomers FOR MORE RELIABLE RUBBER COMPONENTS ANDSEALSSPECIFY VITON FLUOROELASTOMERS é Reduce Lifetime Costs é Cut Unscheduled Downtime é Increase Temperature Capability é Stand Up to Aggressive Fluids

  • Viton Sponge Rubber Sheet - Seal and Design

    Viton® Sponge Rubber Sheet Download the Viton® Sponge Rubber Sheet Datasheet as PDF General Properties Viton® Sponge resists the corrosive attack of a wide variety of chemicals and fluids. It delivers superior protection against oils, fuels, lubricants, most .

  • Viton Rubber - Thermodyn Global Sealing

    Viton Fluoroelastomers, Viton Sheet Rubber, Viton coated fabrics, Viton Commercial Grade, Viton Extreme, Made with Genuine Viton, Vapor Barrier, AMS 3216, Mil-R-83248, FDA Compliant FKM, FDA Compliant Viton, Viton Colors, Viton A Brown, Viton A Blue .

  • Rubber Gasket Manufacturers ACF Gaskets

    ACF Gaskets are precision rubber gasket manufacturers. We offer a wide range of spec materials silicones and natural rubbers for you to choose from. ACF Gaskets are specialists at punching gaskets from sheet rubber and moulding spec rubber into sheets to be .

  • Viton® Sheet Gasketing . Gaskets

    Genuine Viton® Sheet-Gasketing perfect for gasket cutting, flat seals, door seals, Industrial applications. Standards are in stock or custom manufactured to your specifications. Viton® is a high tech. elastomer designed for extreme heat, oil .

  • Viton® Gaskets - American Seal & Packing

    Viton® Gaskets Genuine Viton® Sheet - Gasketing perfect for gasket cutting, flat seals, door seals, Industrial applications. Standards are in stock or custom manufactured to your specifications. Viton® is a high tech. elastomer designed for extreme heat, oil .

  • Flat Sheet Rubber - Rubber Products . BRP Manufacturing Company

    High Grade Commercial Butyl (ASTM D2000 Type BA) Butyl is used in diaphragms, for fluid and air sealing and liquid retention. It is used in several applications where resistance to ozone, oxidation, and sunlight is needed. It is resistant to several chemicals so .

  • PTFE Sheet Gasket Material

    PTFE Sheet Gasket Material Now you have any questions about Seal Sales and our products and Service. Please contact to our admin: supportsealsales . PTFE Sheet Gasketing Manufactured from PTFE this sheet is ideal for a wide range .

  • Viton Rubber Gaskets . Rubber Gaskets . Gaskets . Sealing & Jointing . PAR Group

    Technical Specification: Technical Data Sheet - Viton® grade A Technical Data Sheet - Viton® grade B Viton® is the registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers. Comparison between Genuine Viton® and Commercial FKM: Material Comparison Data .

  • Viton® O-Rings : Fluoroelastomers : Fluorocarbon Elastomer : FKM

    Viton® O-Rings : Fluoroelastomers : Fluorocarbon Elastomer : FKM Viton® (fluorocarbon rubber) has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals making .

  • Silicone, Buna, FKM O-Rings and O-Ring Cord Stock . Anchor Rubber

    Anchor Rubber carries a full line of O-Ring and related products including Viton O-Ring, Silicone O-Ring and many Standard and Metric O-Ring . O-Rings Standard and metric oring sizes in stock. Large inventory of buna nitrile o-ring, silicone o-ring, epdm o-ring and .

  • Custom Rubber Extrusions & Mouldings - Polymax

    Polymax manufactures Custom rubber mouldings tailor made for your needs. We are able to manufacture using compression moulding & injection moulding techniquesRubber Sheets.Buy Rubber Sheeting Rolls Online . Polymax UK A rubber sheet is a sheet of .

  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) - DelTech Controls

    Technical Data sheet SEAT MATERIAL FKM T.D.S No 50/52 - 107/ R1 Page 1 of 1 Date NOV 2004 All information herein is proprietary and confidential and may not be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of DelTech Controls

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